Allan Snyder -- Property Management Expert Witness

Commercial office buildings

Shopping Malls & Retail Stores

Common interest developments (Homeowners Associations)

Multi-family housing (apartments), HUD Housing (Section 8)

Hotels, Motels & Timeshares

Mobile Home Parks

Grocery Stores, Drug Stores, Convenience Stores

Parking Structures and Parking Lots, public streets and sidewalks (snow & ice)

Restaurant premises

Senior Citizen Housing

Single-family residences (Owner occupied or leased properties)

Sober Living Homes

Public transportation equipment and facilities

Public property including school facilities and public parks

Standard of Care and Custom & Practice

AFC will evaluate the relevant owner/manger Standard of Care & Custom

   Practice for the property or facilities involved in the litigation

AFC will offer opinions with respect to compliance with the relevant Standard

   of Care and Custom & Practice

Landlord/Tenant Issues

HUD/Section 8 Housing

Habitability: Bed Bugs, Cockroaches

Qualified and Testified in 30 State Courts & Federal Court

Categories of Expertise

Slip, Trip and Fall Issues (All surfaces)

Fire Safety Issues (Standard of Care)

Security Issues (Standard of Care)

Identification and Analyses of Hazardous Conditions

Uniform Housing Codes

International Residential Codes

International Property Maintenance Codes

International Building Codes

State Health and Safety Codes

National Fire Protection Association Codes

Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA)

Unruh Civil Rights Act

Property Acquisition Due Diligence Investigations

Allan Snyder -- Court Appointed Receiver

Superior Courts of the State of California

Los Angeles County Orange County

Riverside County San Diego County

Real Estate Developments

Commercial Properties

Multi-Family Properties

Real Estate Partition Actions

Corporate Asset Liquidations

Common Interest Development Debtors

Estate Liquidation (Real Estate and other Assets)

Allan Snyder -- Property Management Expert Witness

Premises Liability

Slips, Trips, & Falls

Fire Safety